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What Can You Do?

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Where does your state government or U.S. representative candidate stand? Here are two key questions to ask:

What are you going to do about unfunded liabilities like pensions?  What are you going to do about the more than $74 trillion dollar debt that has already been accumulated?

With what money will you use to pay for the programs you're proposing?

You can click here for more--or submit your own questions to us!
Sebelius asked to explain B in Obamacare loans
Health and Human Services Secretary has to explain $2B in loans to Co-ops without really knowing if it'll be repaid

Judge questions Gov. Bobby Jindal's budget balancing method
Louisiana Gov. uses the same tactics to balance the budget as he has over passed year, will probably get overturned.

Maryland makes the easy choice for their debt
After approving an unpopular $395m bill, Gov. Martin O'Malley decided to raise the state borrowing limit to $75m a year

City Finance 101: Chicago’s Financial Condition & Budget Gimmicks
Come and hear Sheila Weinberg, founder & CEO, on October 16, 2013 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Podcast: Stanek and Nothdurft on how TIFS Can Wreck Your City
Co-author of Heartland/TIA study of Cook County talks about his findings

State financial distress means fewer doctors serve the poor
Reboot Illinois and Huffington post look at Truth in Accounting's Taxpayer Burden data compared to doctors that accept medicaid

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